The Happy Camper by Melody Carlson

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – 4 stars

After losing her job and her boyfriend, Dillon Michaels heads back to the place she’s always known as home, her grandparents’ farm in Oregon where she grew up. Her grandpa lives there alone since her grandma passed away about a year earlier. Deciding that her grandpa could use some help and cheering up, she says goodbye to her roommates and heads to Oregon where she plans to spend quality time with her grandfather while figuring out what she should do with her life. But when she gets there she discovers that her elusive mother has beaten her to it. Dillon’s comfy little room has been taken over by her mom who’s experiencing relationship troubles of her own, and Dillon is relegated to the lumpy couch. This, she decides, will not work. As she contemplates leaving the farm, her grandfather surprises her with an old, rundown camper that Dillon sees as a diamond in the rough that she can fix up and live in while staying on the farm. She’s beginning to feel super excited about fixing up her camper, the handsome hardware store owner, and the progress she’s making on the strained relationship she has with her mother. Things are looking up. But when her ex-boyfriend shows up unexpectedly, proclaiming his undying love at a very inopportune time, could his crazy antics cause Dillon to lose out on the prospect of a new love?

I truly enjoyed The Happy Camper. It didn’t hurt that I love everything associated with RVing and cute little vintage campers. So when I saw this book I knew I had to read it, and I was not disappointed. It contained so much that made my little heart happy—sweet romance, camp trailers, a farm, an adoring grandfather, a contrite mother, a cute set of young twin girls and so much more. I read intently and envisioned one old, neglected camp trailer carefully restored, inside and out, and then meticulously decorated to appease the new owner, who made it into a cozy, cute living space for herself. I could picture the interior with its turquoise and orange accessories and original appliances. It was a vintage camper-lover’s dream book! The pace of the book was even with many sweet scenes that brought a smile to my face. And although it ended a bit abruptly, it contained all the makings for a lovely story that was fun and uplifting.

Thank you, Revell Books, for an ARC of The Happy Camper. All opinions expressed about it are my own.

Have a great weekend everyone! 😊


14 thoughts on “The Happy Camper by Melody Carlson

  1. Laurie, that sounds like a cute story. We actually had a little camper like that; but with two growing kids, we fast outgrew it. My husband took it down to the frame (sorry!) and it became a motorcycle trailer which we still use. I have missed your reviews and your talent with staging books for photos for your blog. I hope your return means life and health are settling down for you. May you have a blessed Easter.

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    • I’ve always loved RV’s and campers. Since we only have one daughter, who’s 30 now, I think I’d love a little camper that we could take on short trips. I just can’t maintain one more thing right now.
      Thank you, Linda. ❤️ Your words are so kind and I appreciate you. Honestly, I’ve just been very busy with things and haven’t had time to do as much reading as I’d like. My health has also been precarious so I’m just taking things one day at a time and doing what I can, when I can. I’m also dividing my time between reading and sewing since I taught myself how to use a sewing machine last year and my brain seems to appreciate focusing on sewing more than reading these days. 🤦🏽‍♀️ But I’m getting my concentration back, slowly but surely, and hope to step up my reading again. 😊

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      • “To everything there is a season…” It sounds like you are working out what is best for you at this particular time. Mask instructions that are everywhere make me wonder if I should dust off my sewing machine. I never was very good, perhaps because my mother was so very talented at sewing. I did pull out my knitting needles and made a Bohemian scarf from leftover yarn with directions from the back of a cozy mystery. I found it very relaxing. No thinking involved. Again, I won’t be doing anything fancy. In her heyday, my mother made beautiful cable cardigans and fisherman’s sweaters. This morning’s Bible study about vows did reinforce my intent to catch up on the ARC’s I have promised to do and continue to try to pare back, but not dismiss, future commitments. Laurie, please take care of yourself with your medical issues and take care so that you do not get virus issues on top of your existing ones! I hope this week is a good one for you!

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        • Thank you, Linda. ❤️ I’m doing my best to stay safe with regard to this virus. I only go out if absolutely necessary. It’s been almost two weeks since my last exit.
          I know what you mean about keeping commitments. I’m thinking about “The person faithful in what is least is faithful also in much..” 🤦🏽‍♀️ I try not to promise that I’ll read and review a book. I make it clear that I have other commitments and will do my best to write a review when I can. Even still, they start to pile up so I’m very deliberate about my requests for books these days.
          And yes, I AM trying to work out what’s best for myself. I wish I could spend more time reading, but my spiritual health takes precedence and making sure I take care of that first, coupled with taking care of myself and household duties limits my reading time these days. I can’t jump up in the mornings and do various things like I used to because of chronic health issues now, so I truly have less time. But since I love reading I squeeze it in where I can. 🙃
          Congrats on the scarf!! 🥰 Sewing frustrates me at times because if I make one mistake it can cause a great setback, but I still enjoy it. I do crafty things mostly, and I like using the things I’ve made. Thus far I’ve only done masks for my family, no one else. Time is a factor.
          Thanks, as always, for your kind, encouraging words, Linda. I love reading your responses to my posts. Enjoy your day. 🤗

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