**GIVEAWAY** and Review – The Girls of Mischief Bay by Susan Mallery

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My first Susan Mallery book and I absolutely LOVED every minute spent reading it!! Seriously, I was immersed in this book, and when it was finished I was so impressed that it’s still sitting prominently in my book room because I can’t bear to part with it. That’s how much I loved it. I have a small collection of Susan Mallery’s books because I’d heard she’s a great writer, and because her marketing skills are top notch, but I still hadn’t read any of them mainly because of other reading commitments. Then two things happened: 1) I was surprised with a free mass market paperback copy of The Girls of Mischief Bay because I follow Susan Mallery’s Facebook group, and (2) my author buddy, Jill Weatherholt, suggested that I read a Susan Mallery book because she thought I’d like it. Consequently, I resolved to read her book. I am so glad I did! Thank you, Jill, for the recommendation. And thank you, Susan Mallery, for your generosity in providing me with a free book to enjoy. Since I already owned The Girls of Mischief Bay, I’m giving away my gifted copy (see below for details).

The Girls of Mischief Bay is about three women who became friends while attending yoga classes at the yoga studio that one of the women owns. Since there is approximately a ten year age difference between each woman, they are at different stages in their lives and dealing with various challenges incidental to their particular age group; some major and some fairly common, but nevertheless difficult. We learn how each woman responds to her particular plight, and how the friends rally together to support one another during each others’ times of distress. The process of working on their trials reveals their strengths, vulnerabilities and ultimately the outcomes of their situations.

I absolutely LOVED this book!! I laughed, I cried and I stayed up nights eager to know what would happen next with Pam, Shannon and Nicole. I connected with Pam’s character, and I was inspired by the wisdom that she imparted to her friends. I had an inkling that Pam’s wise words possibly echoed Susan Mallery’s own treasures of knowledge and wisdom acquired over the years. That’s just my guess. The emotional parts of this book were so eloquently written I wish I could tear out the pages and read them over and over again. But I dare not destroy this precious book. Incredible writing.

In conclusion, I liked everything about this book and I didn’t want it to end. When it was over I teared up and marveled at the perfect ending. I already ordered and received the next book in the series because I have to know how these ladies move forward with their lives. That’s how invested I’d become with these characters. Highly recommended.

Giveaway!! (U.S. only)

New Mass market paperback copy of The Girls of Mischief Bay with book sleeve and fabric bookmark

To enter for a chance to win the above prize pack which includes a copy of Susan Mallery’s The Girls of Mischief Bay, a book sleeve made by yours truly and a homemade bookmark, like this post and answer the following question:

Have you ever read a book(s) by Susan Mallery, and what did you think of it? Which Susan Mallery book or series do you recommend? (Optional)

Winner will be announced in the coming weeks when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and I’m able to visit the post office to mail out the prize.

Thanks for visiting Cozynookbks. 🤗

42 thoughts on “**GIVEAWAY** and Review – The Girls of Mischief Bay by Susan Mallery

  1. Everything about this post is beautiful. I love the sound of the story and the impact that it had on you and how much you connected with the characters. Love the book sleeve with the very cute cat pictures. Lovely review, Laurie.

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    • That’s so sweet of you, Diana. Thank you so much!
      The one thing that troubles me is that I can’t open up my giveaways to my international participants. But it’s just too expensive. 😞


    • Hi, EziChi!! 👋🏽
      I’ve bought a few Susan Mallery books over the years but hadn’t read any. But lately I’d been feeling compelled to read one, and with the suggestion from my author buddy, Jill Weatherholt, to give her a try because she thought I’d like her books, I finally read The Girls of Mischief Bay and absolutely LOVED it!! Now I’m intent on reading many more of her books.
      😂😂 I am an introvert, so reading, sewing and listening to relaxing music while sniffing my essential oils has been keeping me together. 😌 But this whole lurking virus thing is a bit unnerving. Trying to follow regulations as best as possible so as to stay safe. Hope you’re coping.
      Thanks so much for visiting. It’s so nice hearing from you. 🤗

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      • I’m about to go for my morning walk and meditate. I’m an extrovert so this has been hard. I miss literally everything and everyone. I also hate all the conflicting information yet nothing truly concrete about this virus. Not having an end date has been the worst. On the other hand, I have truly cherished family game nights, movie nights and quality time with my hubby and kids. That has been the best thing ever.

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        • I’m sorry. 😔 I know it can be difficult for extroverts. I’m keeping up with friends and family by texting, phone calls, FaceTime and Zoom. And my hubby has been working from home so that’s been wonderful for me. But there’s nothing like seeing our loved ones face to face. And I’m a hugger, so I miss the hugs and embraces. And I agree with you about the conflicting information. I think a lot is still unknown and that’s hard just by itself. But I try to take one day at a time and focus on my blessings. If I don’t do that anxiety could set in and I certainly don’t want that!!
          I’m glad you can at least find joy in spending quality time with your family as you miss other things and people. Stay positive and well, okay. Sending a virtual hug your way. 🤗

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          • Thank you. I think I’m okay. I also feel so lame complaining since there are people will genuine health issues or mental issues. I’ve learned in the past 3 week, taking a morning work really early helps me set my mind right.

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          • Don’t feel bad. I lament about by relentless, chronic health issues almost daily. It’s really a challenge when you hardly ever feel well and doctors can’t help you. Part of the reason why I’m so introverted now is because of that. We all want to be happy, so when something prevents that happiness we feel frustrated. I think it’s natural. When I start feeling sorry for myself that’s when I count my blessings and try to stay in the day.
            Morning walks are fabulous!! I used to do that regularly until some health issues prevented it. Now I try to walk on my treadmill as much as possible, but it’s definitely not the same as being outdoors. I really miss that and hope I can return to it soon.

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          • I hope so. Those outdoor walks were so refreshing (except when people let their dogs out and they followed me, barking. 🙄😤 I LOVE dogs, but not when they disrupt my beautiful walking routine by trying to bite me!!) and I would get so much joy out of listening to audiobooks or music while gazing up at the sky or seeing the birds and the pretty flowers and trees. Those were the days. I truly miss it. But I have hope that I’ll be able to enjoy that again.
            I try to cherish every moment with my hubby. He’s the best man there is, and with life being so unpredictable, I never want to take our time together for granted. 😉

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    • Thank you!! ❤️ The book sleeve is in honor of my cat that passed away last November. He was 19, and I miss him terribly. 😔
      I’ve heard from many that the Fool’s Gold series is very good. I look forward to trying it. 😃 Thanks for suggesting it.
      I truly appreciate your stopping by and commenting. I will enter you in the contest. ☺️


  2. Aww, this is so adorable, Laurie! I love how much you loved your first Mallery book, and your sleeve and bookmark- SO CUTE! I have read one book by this author, The California Girls, and it was super fun! I hope you are staying safe and well. ❤️

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    • Hi, Jennifer!! 🤗☺️👋🏽 My face lights up with smiles whenever I hear from you. 🥰
      Can you tell my excitement from how much I enjoyed this book? One day I was in my car (before this pandemic) reading it and crying my eyes out!! When a book moves me to tears, it’s a good one.
      Thank you regarding the book sleeve and bookmark. ❤️ Just a little something I’ve made since I taught myself how to use a sewing machine by watching YouTube videos last year.
      Thanks so much for visiting, Jennifer. When the experts visit, I feel happy. 😉

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    • Hi, Jacquie! I’ve never heard of The Bakery Sisters trilogy. I’m going to look that up. 😃
      This book was definitely a wonderful story. And SM certainly does have a knack for creating heartwarming stories.
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I truly appreciate it. 🤗

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  3. I haven’t read anything by Susan Mallery. Your description of this book makes it sound like something I would enjoy. I read about her latest on NetGalley, and it just didn’t appeal–especially while I am trying to cut back. Sounds like a diet, doesn’t it? 😉 Good review, Laurie!

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    • Hi, Linda. I think you’d like The Girls of Mischief Bay. I’m wondering which book you saw of hers on Netgalley. 🤔
      I’ll have to tell you. It was not the same as reading the Heartwarming books as far as “sweetness” goes. But I didn’t find it was over the top or smutty like some others that I pass on. And yes, it does sound like a diet. 😂 …😉


      • It was The Friendship List. Just didn’t appeal to me. As to Mallery’s books, I think there is a place for books that are between Heartwarming and disgusting. It’s hard to find a book these days where the main characters aren’t sleeping together–even nice cozy mysteries. I can read that even though I don’t approve; I just don’t want to be taken into their bedroom.

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        • Agreed. Some stuff is just raunchy and vulgar, and I don’t like that. There’s an author who I had to stop reading even though she’s a good writer because she wrote scenes that were of the sordid type, and I don’t like that. I don’t like all the profanity in many books either. It’s just not what I read or do.
          The Friendship List. Yes, I’ve heard of that one.

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  4. I am a new to Susan Mallery aficionado. I read her last couple of books and loved them both. Sisters by Choice was really good and I want to go back and read the rest of the Blackberry Island series. I would love to win your prize package. Great review of this book, I will have to see if my library has it if I don’t win.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Carla. I wish I would have read one of her books sooner. Her writing appeals to me.
      She’s been giving away books every day on her FB page for a couple of weeks now. I had no idea she’d written so many!! I’m looking forward to exploring the Blackberry Island series, Fool’s Gold and Happily, Inc. I think you’ll love The Girls of Mischief Bay. ☺️
      I will enter you in the contest. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. 🤗

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