Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – 5 stars

I have to admit, I thought it might seem odd listening to the memoir of someone so young, but after hearing what Trevor Noah had to say I concluded that he’s lived a more colourful and hazardous life than many people twice his age.

Trevor Noah is fortunate to be alive to tell his story. He talks of growing up in South Africa as a “coloured” child (a child of mixed race) during Apartheid and its aftermath, with a mother who was determined to defy the government that sought to oppress her. He was somewhat of a menace and juvenile delinquent during the impressionable years, and narrowly escaped his abusive step-father who almost killed his family.

Trevor spoke a lot about his mother, Patricia. She is an incredible woman, strong and determined, who surmounted many formidable obstacles including poverty, racism and abuse, and yet still managed to teach Trevor many valuable lessons that no doubt shaped him into the highly intelligent and talented individual he is today. She didn’t stifle his exposure to grander things in life, but rather she expanded his world by teaching him and showing him that he could achieve a better life than she’d had.

I was impressed to learn that Trevor Noah speaks several African languages, including Afrikaans. Knowing English, as well as these other languages, was of great benefit to him in many ways in South Africa. If you want to know how, you’ll have to listen for yourself. 😉

Trevor’s transparency in sharing details about so many aspects of his life endeared me to his story. I see where he gets some of the material for his comedy shows.

I didn’t know much, if anything, about Trevor Noah before “reading” this book, but after having listened to him tell his story I have developed a deep respect for him. He’s overcome many challenges and has prevailed, and considering all he’s been through, that is truly amazing. EXCELLENT!!

WARNING: This book contains some profanity.


22 thoughts on “Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

  1. I have had this book to read for awhile, but I think I would rather listen to this one. My daughter has gone to see Trevor Noah twice. Once was actually in South Africa when she was there on her travels. She raves about him. I prefer no cussing as well, but this generation seems to do that a lot. Wonderful review Laurie.

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  2. I think reading about people like Trevor Noah (whose work I am totally unfamiliar with, but I read about him in the comments) is inspiring. Instead of becoming a victim or even a survivor, he is an overcomer. We should use his story to remind us of how much we have and our obligation to do our best with what we have.

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    • I agree wholeheartedly, Linda. Some of the things he had to eat made me wince. I could feel myself getting sick just thinking about it. And sometimes his mom had to fill her stomach with literal mud growing up to stave off hunger pains. And yet I complain about something each and every day. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Just shows how spoiled we are when it comes to many things we have in this country. Although, there are many things wrong with this country too. 🙄
      Thanks for your insightful comment.

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  3. I love, love Trevor. Been watching his shows for years so the memoir was such a delightful read. He was a cheeky kid 😀 I like his relationship with his mom and I agree with everything that you said about her. So glad you enjoyed this memoir, Laurie ❤

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    • Since I don’t typically watch much prime time television I didn’t know much about Trevor Noah, but my friend kept telling me about him so when his memoir became free for a time I downloaded it but never got around to listening. Well, a few weeks back I wanted something funny to watch and thought about Trevor’s comedy show act. I watched Afraid of the Dark and thought it was funny. So I watched Son of Patricia and immediately became a fan. It was so funny I’ve seen it about 5 or 6 times already. 😂 He’s so talented. I remembered the memoir and listened. Diana, I was astounded by what he revealed about his life. He’s overcome so much. I’m glad to have learned more about him in his own words. 😊
      Thanks so much for stopping by. 😉


  4. I really enjoyed this one on audio and after my book club read it, we went to see his show when he came to Dallas. I highly recommend seeing him in person.
    I can’t wait for the movie based on this book!

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    • Hi, EziChi!! Yes, I thought the book was excellent. I could have done without the cussing though. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Nevertheless, it was a compelling book. I’m glad he did his own narration.
      I watched his two comedy shows on Netflix recently: Trevor Noah, Afraid of the Dark, and, Trevor Noah, Son of Patricia. I’ve watched that Son of Patricia show at least five times already. 😂 He cracks me up every time!! He’s really funny, and I love how he uses real life situations to enlighten and send messages through comedy.
      Thanks so much for your comment. 💕

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