The Reluctant Bachelor by Syndi Powell

💛💛💛💛💛 What a creative, sweet, heartwarming story this was!! I loved this book!! A former True Love reality show bachelor, Rick Allyn, was embarrassed and humiliated on national television when he was rejected by the woman he thought would be his wife. Heartbroken and his life practically ruined by the experience, Rick tries to move on. Now five years later Elizabeth (Lizzy) Maier, producer of the show that destroyed him, was back and proposing that he return to the show. Perhaps he could find his one true love again. But Rick isn’t having any of it. He isn’t about to make that mistake again, unless of course Elizabeth agrees to have him re-appear on HIS terms. Not much of a reality show fan myself I have to admit I didn’t think I’d appreciate the premise of this book. I was wrong!! I really enjoyed it!! It was a page-turner and I found myself just as interested as Rick was to find out who his true love would turn out to be. Syndi Powell was spot-on with this one. This was a great story—fun, original and heartwarming. It kept me in anticipation until the very end. Very nicely written and highly recommended to anyone who enjoys sweet, wholesome love stories.
I received a copy of this book from the author and have written an honest review without having received any compensation in return.