Everything Must Go by Camille Pagan

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 – 4.5 stars

Laine is having a crisis. She’s 38, married, and childless, but her husband doesn’t seem interested in children even though it’s been Laine’s desire since they got married over a decade ago. If that weren’t enough her sister tells her that she needs her to come back to Brooklyn, NY to help with their mom who seems to be exhibiting signs of dementia. Laine isn’t overly concerned. She believes her mother, Sally, misses their deceased father and is lonely, so Laine’s plan is to go to Brooklyn, placate her mother and then return to Michigan. But then her sister informs her that she ran into Laine’s childhood best friend, Ben, whom she had a falling out with many years ago and hasn’t spoken to since college. Her relationship with Ben was complicated then, and her feelings about him now could change the trajectory of her future. Meanwhile, Laine is torn between feelings of anger towards her mom because of a selfish decision her mother made that affected Laine’s life in a substantial way, verses the intense love she feels for her mother as Sally figures out how to navigate her uncertain future.

I really loved this book. It touched me in many ways. There were difficult situations, heartbreaks, relationship dilemmas and other hard realities of life that kept me thoroughly engaged in the story. Camille Pagan’s books speak to me. Everything Must Go took me back to how much I’d enjoyed reading my first Pagan book, Life and Other Near Death Experiences. I was amazed at how funny she could make a tragic situation. Similarly, there were sensitive situations in this book but Pagan managed to keep them from being depressing in that unique way she’s able to accomplish that. The only reason I deducted a half star from it being five stars is because I felt it ended a little abruptly. But maybe there will be a sequel. I sure hope so.

AUDIOBOOK: I have to mention that I listened to this book because the main audio narrator, Amy McFadden, did an incredible job. She read in a lackadaisical, slothful tone that fit the main character perfectly. She has a knack for communicating expressions in a way that made me laugh out loud numerous times. I kept rewinding the recording to listen to how some of the characters expressed their feelings. She truly brought them to life. I can still hear their voices in my mind.

Overall, this book was very enjoyable and I recommend it.

13 thoughts on “Everything Must Go by Camille Pagan

    • Hi Linda. 👋🏽🙋🏽‍♀️

      I think Pagán excels at writing about challenging life situations in a way that doesn’t severely deflate the reader. I think she’s got a knack for it. I have enjoyed her books very much, and the audiobook versions have definitively been an asset.
      Thanks so much for visiting, Linda.

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  1. Thanks, Carla.
    Life’s been really hectic. A lot going on. I miss my reading friends. 😔

    My first book by Pagan was Life and Other Near-Death Experiences. It was a great listen for me. Her topics can be on the serious side, but that’s realistically how life can be, right? I find them relatable.
    I hope you give her a try. If you do I’ll be interested to know what you think. Thanks so much for your support. 🤗


  2. Great review, Laurie. I hope life is treating you well. I have not read anything by this author but will do so. I like realistic, clean books that are relatable.


  3. Oh fantastic review for this book. Pagan had slipped off my reading but I need to go take another look at this one and see if the audiobook is available to me. I’d wish for a more rounded ending too, I just had a book that I loved but just felt the ending was a bit abrupt for one character.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn. I hadn’t read a Pagan book in a while but I like her books a lot so thought I’d give this one a try.
      I think you’ll really enjoy the audiobook of this one.
      I hope you enjoy it if you decide to read it. Thanks so much for stopping by. ☺️

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