Montana Wishes – (The Blackwell Sisters ~ Book 2) by Amy Vastine

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I…..LOVED…..THIS….BOOK!! Do you hear me? I LOVED it!! Montana Wishes has just become one of my absolute favorite Heartwarming books!!, and I’ve read A LOT of them. Amy Vastine knows how to write a sweet romance story. But this was even more than that. This book was full of surprises that were perfectly timed to provoke every emotion imaginable within me!! I was happy, sad, hopeful, mad, glad….it was like an emotional medley of feelings. If time had permitted, I could have read the entire book in one or two sittings. That’s how invested I was in the characters and their outcome, especially since I knew it would be a good one. Heartwarming books always result in a happily- ever-after. My imagination ran wild as I envisioned the various scenes—the road trip, the Blackwell ranch, the animals (including Amanda’s Irish Wolfhound, Clancy), the cowboys, the romantic tension, and finally, the unveiling of secrets…. it was creative and realistic and entertaining, and it made me want to jump on an airplane to Montana to meet each and every character 😊. They’ll all be alive in my memory where I’ll be hoping to revisit them in the next Blackwell Sisters installment, Montana Dreams, by Anna J. Stewart.

And now, my brief summary of what it’s all about…

In Montana Wishes, the focus is on Amanda Harrison, a triplet of five sisters; identical twin to Lily Harrison and fraternal twin to Georgie Harrison. Peyton is the oldest sibling, and Fiona, the youngest. Got that? These are actually The Blackwell Sisters, but that’s a story for another time. To say that Amanda is going through trying times in her life would be an understatement. This poor woman has received a quadruple whammy of distressing news and she’s trying to take it all in stride. She’s on her way to Montana from California to help her sister Lily who she believes is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Meanwhile, she’s traveling with her best friend since middle school, Blake Collins, who’s the greatest catch ever, but who’s recently become engaged. Amanda’s harboring devastating news that she’s just received and will have to deal with when she returns from her trip, and she’s trying to come to terms with recent revelations about her family history. At 29, is Amanda’s life story a series of unfortunate events, or is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

I can’t say enough good things about Montana Wishes, or The Blackwell Sisters series thus far, other than that I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed.

The Blackwell Sisters series

Enjoy your week everyone!! Thanks for reading.

Me after reading Montana Wishes

20 thoughts on “Montana Wishes – (The Blackwell Sisters ~ Book 2) by Amy Vastine

  1. I love that you loved this one so so much. I have only read the first one, but I need to get back to it. I am going to try and read one a week for the next four weeks so I can finish. I also love this group of authors and you have me so excited to read this one now. Wonderful review.

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  2. Laurie, I held off reading your review until I had posted mine. Your review is great and refilled me with enthusiasm for the book. I am so pleased that this group of authors went for round 2 by writing the Blackwell Sisters series. Each book is so different, but they all fit together well. I am currently on #4 and hope to post my review of #3 soon. Yay for heartwarming and clean romances!

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    • Linda!! I’m so pleased to hear that!! And, thank you. 🧡
      I will be starting on Book 4 in the next day or two. I’m looking forward to it. 😃
      Heartwarming is such a great line of books. I’m so glad you’re enjoying them!! You’ve made my day even brighter. ☺️


    • Hi Susan!! 👋🏽 Thank you. 🤗Montana Welcome had me like…😂😂. I cracked up a lot reading that one. So much fun. I’m loving The Blackwell Sisters series. I’m glad you’re reading Book 1 and loving it. ☺️🥰Thanks so much for stopping by.

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