Welcome, Laurie Iglesias! #bookblogger #reviews

Author, Jill Weatherholt, interviewed me on her blog today. ☺️ I talk about my life as a book-review blogger. Stop by for a moment to say hi if you’d like, to see Jill’s new release, and to learn a little more about yours truly.

Jill Weatherholt

It is an honor to be a guest on Jill’s blog today.  My name is Laurie Iglesias. Jill’s been a loyal supporter of my mostly-book-reviews blog, Cozynookbks, practically from its inception a few years ago.  (Thank you, Jill 😊)

Welcome, Laurie! I’m thrilled to have you as my guest today. Since we met, I’ve been envious of all the wonderful books you have time to read. Tell us a little about your reading habits.

I’m an avid reader, depending on the length, I average about 50 books per year. I enjoy a wide range of genres from mysteries to contemporary fiction, sweet romance to thrillers, historical fiction to true crime.  (No paranormal though please.)  My mood drives my selections. I’m fond of books set abroad, particularly in the U.K., and have many favorite British authors. I never leave home without a physical book or my Kindle e-reader, and I read…

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