Croissants and Corruption by Danielle Collins

🥐🥐.5 – 2.5 croissants
fullsizeoutput_bbaI don’t typically review books here unless they’re at least three stars, but since I’d already written part of a review for this one, I decided  to just finish it.  ✍🏽
Margo, bakery owner of The Parisian Patisserie, has agreed to look after her sister’s step-daughter for the summer since she’s having difficulties with the nineteen year old, Taylor. Renee would like for Taylor to work in the bakery while she stays with Margo. Aside from the legitimate complaints from Taylor about being at the bakery at 3:00 a.m., things seem to be heading in a positive direction. That is until Margo and Taylor dine at a popular Italian restaurant one evening and one of the servers continues to harass Taylor, both inside and outside of the restaurant, and then later turns up dead with Taylor’s prints on the murder weapon. Turns out Taylor has been keeping secrets from her aunt. But will Margo’s faith in her niece’s innocence be enough to clear her name?
I was looking for a quick, light, cozy mystery, so I figured this novella-like audiobook of about 3 hrs., 18 mins., would fit the bill. But honestly, I wasn’t really feeling it. I almost abandoned it a few times but decided to stick it out since I was partway through it and had invested too much time in it already. Never should it take over a week to finish a book this short. I think the audio narration is what annoyed me the most about it. The narrator was too dramatic and seemed to over emphasize each and every word. It was painful. The characters’ voices were too exaggerated and I could only listen for brief periods. She was killing me!! But I finally got through it. I think the mystery aspect was mediocre.
I can’t say I recommend this book because I didn’t think it was very good, but since the audio narrator may be responsible for my lack of enjoyment, feel free to try it for yourself if you’re feeling ambitious enough to tackle it. Incidentally, the reviews are very good for this cozy, so maybe the audio version just ruined it entirely for me.
Thank you, Tantor Audio, for a complimentary download of this book. In exchange I have provided an honest review.
Have a great day!! And thanks for visiting.

29 thoughts on “Croissants and Corruption by Danielle Collins

  1. Sorry to hear that this one didn’t meet your expectations Laurie.I have never listened to an audio book but I can see how a narrator can ruin a book.Over dramatic/emphasis sounds like it would be better for children’s books so I can see how frustrating that can be for this particular read.

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      • I am still looking int audio books. What is holding me back is the cost. So expensive and as you say if the narrator isn`t to our taste it can become unbearable to listen to. We can`t love everything and I think you did the right thing reviewing it as you did. Still a fabulous review !! Helen xx

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        • Yes Helen, cost is certainly a factor. Audiobooks are really expensive. Fortunately, since I do book reviews I get free downloads. And Audible does daily deals so I’ve snagged a few favorites really cheap that way.
          Does your library offer them? The libraries here offer audiobooks for rent. They can be rented for up to three weeks at a time. And they can be downloaded right onto your phone from home as long as you have a library card and the app installed.

          Thanks again for liking my review. 😉


          • I haven’t looked into the Library idea. I never thought about it. I will check it out. The school hols are here now for 3 weeks so will give us another thing to do 😊😊

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    • Thanks Jennifer. Usually it’s the other way around for me. The audio narrators typically bring a book to life. But not in this case. 🤦🏽‍♀️
      I’m reading two good books right now, and the jury’s still out on a third, but things are looking up. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by. 😉

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