Death in the English Countryside by Sara Rosett – (Audiobook – Tantor Audio)

A85657FC-69E1-4623-B1F4-CB3CFE01ED88⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 – 4.5 stars
When Kevin Dunn, owner of Premiere Locations, a small location scouting firm, goes missing in the quaint village of Nether Woodsmoor in England while scouting out locations for their newest project, a Pride and Prejudice adaptation, Kate Sharp, Kevin’s employee, is sent from their office in California to locate her boss. Kate and the office manager, Marcy, are the only two who are aware of Kevin’s alcohol addiction and the problems it has caused him in his professional life in the past. Not wanting to stir up unnecessary negative publicity for some trivial impropriety and risk losing a project from a top Director, Kate heads off to England to find her boss and bring him back to California. But when she finally locates Kevin he’s not inebriated, he’s dead.
There was so much to love about this book; all of the references to Pride and Prejudice, the beautiful location with its undulating green fields, golden stone cottages, groves of trees, flowering hedgerows and lush gardens; the snooty characters that made me feel like saying…
It’s always an added bonus when I learn new things while reading a book. This book taught me a lot about location scouting, which I found quite interesting.  It was a unique profession that I’ve never seen used in a cozy mystery.  I was pleasantly surprised by how well the mystery was developed.  The ending was satisfying, although I did find it slightly difficult to piece together.  The audio narrator, Sarah Mollo-Christensen, has a soothing voice that was exceedingly pleasant to listen to, and aided in my complete enjoyment of this book.
I will be inquiring about book 2 in the series, Death in an English Cottage. That’s how excited I was about this book. Highly recommended.
Thank you, Tantor Audio, for a complimentary download of this book. In exchange I have provided an honest, unbiased review.
Have a great week everyone, and thanks for visiting Cozynookbks. 😊

22 thoughts on “Death in the English Countryside by Sara Rosett – (Audiobook – Tantor Audio)

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  2. This sounds like a wonderful read. Glad that you enjoyed it. I have just Googled Location Scouting and it does sound like quite an interesting job. Didn’t know about it until this post.

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    • Me either Diana. As I listened to this book I was thinking what a cool profession this must be. I wish I’d known about it decades ago. Living in beautiful North Carolina I like driving around and enjoying the lush greenery and new neighbourhoods just for fun. 😊 Thanks for reading.


    • Carla, I’m frightened by my tbr list. 😂 Seriously, I should be having dreams that it’s coming to get me. 🤦🏽‍♀️
      If you decide to read or listen to this one, I think you’ll enjoy it. 😊


  3. That sounds like a good audiobook. The original book was published the year I retired and found myself in a personal Agatha Christie marathon, so I wasn’t doing much with NetGalley at the time. I have read one cozy mystery by this author and enjoyed it. Thanks for posting your review–very interesting and not the least bit snooty!

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    • Ha! 😂 Thank you. I was pleasantly surprised by this cozy. The location scouting profession was quite interesting. I could see myself doing that…..maybe 20 years ago. 😉 Now if I could just get started on reading Agatha Christie. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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  4. Hi Jill! Thanks.
    I can’t wait to get to my Kristan Higgins books. Trying to make my way through a few other review commitments first though.
    Have a wonderful week, and thanks as always for stopping by.

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