The Best Man by Kristan Higgins




After devouring Now That You Mention It recently, and loving it, I felt compelled to squeeze in another book by Kristan Higgins. So I went with the first book in her Blue Heron series, The Best Man.  She’s two for two now folks.  I loved this book too!  It’s more romance than women’s fiction, but equally enjoyable. Here’s a little glimpse into the plot…

Faith Holland’s fiancée, Jeremy Lyon, dumped her at the altar, and Faith blames his best man, Levi Cooper, for the breakup. To escape the humiliation of her failed nuptials, Faith flees to California intending to stay until the gossip subsides. Three years later her sister, Honor, calls her home to help out with a situation involving their dad. It won’t be easy facing the pity that well-intentioned friends will dole out, but Faith is looking forward to returning home to her family, their vineyard and Jeremy. Jeremy?! Besides, as an architectural landscaper she can do some renovation work on the family’s old barn and acquire other projects that will keep her occupied. She’ll need the distraction since she still loves Jeremy despite what he did to her. But wouldn’t you know it, the first person she runs into when she gets back to her hometown is Levi, now the police chief of Manningsport. She still hates him, and is forthcoming about her feelings towards him. He’s never seemed to like Faith and judging from his reactions to her arrival that hasn’t much changed. He is ruggedly handsome though, she can’t deny that. And when Faith finds herself in need of assistance on more than one occasion, it’s Levi who comes to her rescue. Might their hostilities be masking something that they’ve both been unwilling to confront for many years?


Ahh….the enemies to lovers trope. I loved it!! There were so many great things about this book: watching the romance develop, the fully fleshed-out characters, the humor, the secret that Faith carries and how it affects her life with her family, her relationship with Jeremy, Faith’s adorable dog, Blue, and the surprise visitor who shows up in Manningsport and threatens to destroy everything. It all kept the plot moving. I enjoyed every component of the story. Kristan Higgins’s stories are like a jigsaw puzzle; a lot of little pieces that need to come together to form a complete picture. How she manages to reconstruct those pieces so effectively is what has me coming back for more.

The Best Man will make you laugh (I cracked up at the ladies’ verbal jabs at poor Levi), it will make you sad, it will have you rooting for the underdog. But in the end you will feel gratified that you’ve spent time with the Blue Heron family of characters. Definitely recommended for lovers of romance.

Are you a fan of Kristan Higgins?  What do you think of her books. Please share. I’d love to hear what you think. And thanks, as always, for visiting. Have a great day!!


23 thoughts on “The Best Man by Kristan Higgins

  1. I read one of her earlier books several years ago – the cover looked fun so I bought it. I laughed out loud a lot of the time while reading it. That hadn’t happened to me before. I was so taken by that that I wrote her an email after I finished it. Total fan-girled about the book. She wrote back! I’ve read most of her books (except the first two or three which are on my kindle waiting patiently). I’m excited there’s a new one on the horizon and hope NetGalley will approve me 🙂

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    • Hi Mary!! The first book I read by KH was Now That You Mention It. I laughed out loud too and immediately went looking for another book she’d written, so I can totally relate to how you felt after reading your first one. 😊 She has a great sense of humor, and it doesn’t surprise me that she answered your email because judging from her social media presence she just seems cool like that.
      I hope you’re approved by Netgalley for whichever KH book you’re trying to get. Netgalley denied me for Good Luck With That, but Edelweiss Plus approved me for it, so I’m happy about that.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment. ☺️


  2. I’ve really enjoyed Higgins more Women’s Fiction type titles but only read a portion of one of her series romance. It didn’t work for me but I read in reviews that it was the weakest of the series. You have me intrigued with this one and it sounds like one I’d really love. I’m a big fan of the enemies to lovers trope too.

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    • I did enjoy the women’s fiction title better (Now That You Mention It), but I have to say I really liked this book too. I’m more inclined to read her women’s fiction standalone books, but I would definitely read other books in this series. The more I reflect on it, the more I like it.
      Thanks for your comment on this Katherine. It’s great to get others’ insights. 😊


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