Throwback Thursday – The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

3CD4CC19-0762-495B-B2A2-A7110029C80CThrowback Thursday is hosted by Renee of It’s Book Talk.  This meme was created to share old favorites and/or books published over a year ago.  Today I’m going to be sharing The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George.

Why I chose this book:

Who could resist that beautiful cover? Reviews on this book are mixed, but to me The Little Paris Bookshop was profoundly introspective. I stopped to ponder many times while reading it. Made up of a host of eccentric characters, I felt as though I was being taken on an adventure ride each time I began reading. This book stayed with me long after it was over. See my full review here.

There was a uniqueness about The Little Paris Bookshop that made it a favorite. The nature of it was unlike anything I’d ever read before, and I remember I kept thinking ….

I really enjoyed this book. It had a mysterious quality that intrigued me. It still holds a place on my bookshelf, and I remember it fondly.

Have you read The Little Paris Bookshop? What did you think?  I’d love to know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading. Have a happy day!

27 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

  1. I have this one, but haven’t read it yet! The funny part was I got it used and forgot I had it. Then almost bought it another time but it was $8.99 and I told myself to hold out! Then just found it on my shelf a couple weeks ago! Lol I look forward to reading it!

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    • You’re welcome Mischenko, and thank you.
      I found it very intriguing and delightful, but others did not care much for it. It’s one of those either you hate it or you love it books. 🤷🏽‍♀️
      Thanks for your comment. 😉

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  2. I gave it 3 Stars. I liked it and enjoyed reading it, but I didn’t love it. I thought there were just a few too many descriptions along the way and at times the story was a bit slow. I still liked it though and do plan on reading The Little French Bistro.

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    • It was definitely an acquired taste as far as reading is concerned. I had to approach it differently because it wasn’t ordinary. But once I did that, I was able to relax and relish the characters. I happen to love descriptive reads, so that’s probably why it appealed to me. (Except when a whole chapter is devoted to explaining the ins and outs of a lighthouse, which I did not appreciate in a book I’d read.). LOL!!
      Anyway….thanks for your honest opinion. I love getting others’ insights on books. 😉

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    • That’s exactly how I felt about it!! No rushing through that one. I think taking my time with it and savoring its contents is what helped me to remember so many wonderful things about it.
      Thanks for your comment. 😊


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