The Wife Between Us

⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 3.5 stars

I will dispense with summarizing the plot on this one because it’s too difficult to do without spoilers.

My initial reaction to this book was confusion when I first started reading it, yet I was also intrigued. I was intent on figuring out what was truly taking place with a wife, a husband and a mistress, since the back of the book said this:

WHEN YOU READ THIS BOOK, YOU WILL MAKE ASSUMPTIONS. You will assume you are reading about a jealous wife. You will assume she is obsessed with her replacement—a woman who is about to enter a new marriage with the man she loves.

You will assume you know the anatomy of the relationships. Assume nothing.——————

So I did. I assumed nothing. I dismissed from my little brain what appeared to be the obvious and waited patiently to understand what was really going on with these three characters; and I waited….and waited….. And there lies the challenge I had with this book. It peaked and then waned. I felt like not much was happening in the middle and I was getting too easily distracted away from continuing on with it. By this time I was feeling like….

At one point I put it down to start another book, but I continued on with this one and eventually finished it. In the end, I didn’t feel that the main character’s actions were enough to carry this book. Perhaps more involvement from secondary characters or external factors would have made it more exciting?? I don’t really know. It was enticing in some ways at times, but not enough to make me long to pick up where I left off until maybe the last seventy pages or so. And by then I just wanted to know what the supposed surprises would be. There were a few clever twists, but unfortunately the greatest twists took too long to be revealed and I had a feeling of too little, too late.

Overall, The Wife Between Us had wonderful potential, with a few great twists, but to me it was a little disjointed. Had the execution been different I think I would have enjoyed it more. The conclusion didn’t quite compensate for the lead-up. The authors used a fair amount of subterfuge to set things in motion, but by the time I got to the end I felt a little cheated. Apparently from the ratings I am not in the majority as to my feelings about this book, so maybe it just wasn’t for me. Please don’t let my review stop you from giving this book a try since so many others seemed to enjoy it.

Thank you, St. Martin’s Press, for a complimentary copy of The Wife Between Us in exchange for an honest review which I have given. Until next time. Thank you for reading.


28 thoughts on “The Wife Between Us

  1. Good review and even better because you talked about it with no spoilers. I had already decided to pass on this one. I just know too many people with relationship/betrayal issues to want to read about it. I prefer the positive, something that will take me out of reality, not throw me into the depths of personal issues. For some people, however, the book might be fascinating. To each, his or her own preferences!

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  2. I understand what you mean about the twists. My issue with the book is almost the same though in my case, I had very high expectations due to all the hype so I ended up being underwhelmed at the end.

    Great review.

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    • Thank you Diana!!
      That was my experience as well. The hype was enormous, but the book just didn’t live up to it. But you know what? Even without all the hype, I still would have been disappointed. The cover, on the other hand, is spectacular!!
      Thanks for your comment. 😉


  3. The unreliable narrator trope is iffy for me for this very reason. Sometimes the author tries so hard to obscure what’s really going on that it ends up feeling disjointed and confusing. I won this one in a giveaway and I will read it but I’ll keep my expectations on the low side. Great review!

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    • That was my experience with it Katherine, but most folks seem to love this book. Maybe it just wasn’t for me.
      I look forward to hearing what you think about it. Thanks for your comment. 😊


  4. Great review Laurie. This has been a book I have been thinking about based on reviews but have not made a definite decision. I might put it on hold for a while. Sometimes I get those books I really want to like and they are meh. Happens to everyone.

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    • Thank you.
      So true Carla. I desperately wanted to love this book but in the end it was just an okay read for me. But, the reviews mostly prove me wrong. Give it a shot. You may be one of the ones who love it. Thanks for reading. 😊


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