Am I Normal? (for those of you who really know me, don’t answer that)…

September 30th, 2017 was my twenty-third wedding anniversary.  Yay!!  We decided not to venture out too far from home to celebrate this time, and so we settled on staying at The Ivey’s Hotel, which is roughly 30 minutes from where we live.  It recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and it is stunning.  Here’s some pictures of the interior…

Pretty ritzy, right?  It was pure opulence, and the epitome of luxury.  There was even a library on our floor that we had twenty-four hour access to…

This was my favorite place to go while we were there.  (That’s my hubby reading in there.)

fullsizeoutput_ac2So here’s why I want to know if I’m normal.  We were supposed to spend four glorious nights there, but after the third night I was ready to go home.  I told my husband and he was just fine with going home early too. So we went home, and we spent the next seven days that he had off from work in the comforts of our own home, occasionally going out to dinner or to the mall, the movies, or just wherever.  We had an amazing time just being in each others company, which is where we are happiest.   And I was thinking….


That’s not to say we don’t enjoy going away on vacation.  There have been places we’ve gone where we’ve extended our stay.  But not this time.  So, I ask you, is it normal to want to leave a swanky hotel prematurely and go back home?  Have you ever gone away on vacation or for some other occasion and longed to go home?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Thanks for reading!!

15 thoughts on “Am I Normal? (for those of you who really know me, don’t answer that)…

    • Us too, usually. We like VRBO or condo resorts. Some are so beautiful and well-equipped we keep going back to the same places. They’re like a home away from home. Even though this particular hotel was absolute luxury, it just didn’t have that cozy feel we are accustomed to; and it just wasn’t practical with no kitchen, etc. So….back to what we know. 😊
      Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your comment.


  1. Congratulations! That sounds like the perfect anniversary – time away and at home. I think it makes sense to want to go home, sleep in your own bed, and just relax with your husband. It’s always fun to be as un-normal as possible!

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  2. I have left early when I have been on vacation for a variety of reasons: weather, health, National Parks shut down due to strike, missed my dog, missed my grandkids etc. I would just rather be in my own home to relax sometimes. Not crazy at all.

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  3. I don’t feel particularly comfortable in swanky places like the hotel you stayed in! (omg, the pics are gorgeous) I haven’t been to such ritzy places many times, so I tend to feel kind of uncomfortable and me being incongruent with the place lol
    So I totally agree with you on cutting your stay short and wanting to go home. I’d prefer to put my feet up in the comfort of my room!

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