Review: Coffee, Tea, or Murder?

Coffee, Tea, or Murder?
Coffee, Tea, or Murder? by Jessica Fletcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ THIS WAS AN AUDIOBOOK. Jessica Fletcher finds herself caught up in the middle of another murder case involving an old Cabot Cove native and current founder of start-up, upscale commercial airline, Silver Air. Wayne Silverton invites some of his former Cabot Cove associates and friends, dignitaries and the press, on Silver Air’s inaugural flight to London’s Stanstead airport from Boston, USA. Wayne has pulled out all the stops for this flight, wining and dining his guests, even arranging for limousines to meet them at London’s Stanstead airport to take them to their respective hotels. Everyone is impressed and looking forward to their next adventure the following day when they get the news that Wayne Silverton has been found dead in his own airplane. Turns out Wayne had a host of enemies and any one of them could have turned hatred into murder.

This was an excellent mystery that kept me guessing who the killer might be until the very end. I enjoyed many aspects of the story including the comparisons made between England’s customs and laws versus the United States. I learned many interesting little facts and tidbits along the way, and it’s always a pleasure listening to Jessica’s words of wisdom and her adept crime-solving skills. It was also sweet to see Jessica Fletcher and her Scotland Yard inspector friend George Sutherland meet up in London and spend a little cozy time together. (This was a clean, wholesome relationship between two widowed friends that was portrayed very tastefully which I thoroughly enjoyed.) I really loved Coffee, Tea or Murder and look forward to my next Jessica Fletcher adventure.

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