⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sweet, by the editors of Food Network Magazine is a marvelous recipe collection of visually appealing cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, candy and frozen treats. This cookbook is definitely what you’d come to expect from a Food Network publication: Excellence! Anyone would feel proud to display their copy on a coffee table for all to feast their eyes on. The contents include simplistically arranged, clear, concise recipes with beautiful accompanying illustrations. Recipes range from fairly simple to moderately complicated. While experienced bakers might find some of these desserts a welcome challenge, even novice bakers could produce a delicious, professional looking treat. There is something for persons of all skill levels, and I appreciate that many of the recipes seem to call for basic ingredients that would not be hard to find in your local grocery store. One of my favorite features of the book is the fake-out cakes section where cakes are made to resemble objects and foods such as flower pots, candy bars, pencils, cheeseburgers, guacamole bowls and things like this. Amazing!! They are truly remarkable and would be an absolute conversation piece at any gathering or social function. Another nice feature is the recipe index at the beginning of the book where small snapshots of each completed recipe is displayed. If you prefer to be surprised, like myself, I suggest you flip past this section and view each completed recipe one page at a time. This cookbook would be a great addition to any collection. I highly recommend Sweet. Thank you, Blogging for Books, for this free copy of Sweet in exchange for an honest review which I have provided.


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