Murder On The Half Shelf

Murder on the Half Shelf (A Booktown Mystery, #6)Murder on the Half Shelf by Lorna Barrett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This was a well written cozy mystery by author Lorna Barrett. It is the 5th or 6th book in the “BookTown” series, but can be read alone. I haven’t read a cozy in quite some time and almost forgot how fun they could be. This particular murder mystery involved a Bed and Breakfast proprietor who is found dead on the property not long after the guests arrive. There are a host of characters that I thought I’d have a hard time keeping up with throughout the book, but surprisingly I was able to remember mostly everyone who was mentioned. I attribute this to the author’s writing style. I think one of the reasons why I didn’t care to read cozies is because there are too many characters involved and it was too difficult trying to remember all of them. Now I realize that it may not be how many characters are involved, but the way the story is written that makes the difference. I liked the fact that any number of the characters could have been responsible for the murder, so I found myself musing about who and how any one of them could have done it. I liked reading about the town where the protagonist lived because it was made up of many delightful shops, including book stores which are my favorite. So overall this was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more of Lorna Barrett’s mysteries.

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