The Surgeon’s Wife

The Surgeon's WifeThe Surgeon’s Wife by William H. Coles

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received this book free as a Goodreads, First-Reads giveaway.

⭐️⭐️ It pains me when I receive a free book from an author and have to give it less than 3 stars, and this is no exception. Oh how I wanted to like this book, but in the end I decided that it just wasn’t for me. It was just okay, and I found myself wanting to finish it out of a feeling of obligation rather than enjoyment. Now don’t get me wrong, it started out a little interesting. A Surgeon’s mentor is botching surgeries on obese patients and he is reluctant to pursue action because of their relationship and his sense of loyalty to his friend and colleague. That was one part of the story. The other part centers around the negligent surgeon’s family dynamic and how his neglected wife falls for his same friend and colleague. The problem I had with the second part of the storyline is that it wasn’t very convincing to me. The love story didn’t really develop in a way that I could accept it as truly having occurred. It felt like one minute they just knew each other and the next minute they were in love. Also, I really disliked the extreme waves of profanity in the book. Anyone who knows me knows that I feel that a good book does not need a lot of cursing in it to improved it’s readability. Instead of adding to it it takes away from it, and this was my experience with reading this book. I’ve read excellent books with little or no profanity, and not so great books with an unnecessary amount of swearing. Overall I didn’t particularly enjoy this book and thus can’t recommend it, however, I can’t say that someone else might not somehow appreciate it.

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